Monkey king

Monkey King and his friends – Time to go bananas!

Monkey King, also known as Sun Wukong, is a main character in the Chinese classical novel Journey to the West. Sun Wukong possesses an immense amount of strength and is very fast and flexible. Known for his 72 transformations into various animals and ….<Read More>


Reflections – What do we see in monkeys?

When a group of monkeys stares at a banana, is this the ultimate display of manners or the early sign of a struggle? In a jungle, are monkeys and other animals cohabiting or trying to survive? In a family, are we close-knit or a family that burdens its members… <Read More> 


The Spring Festival – World’s Smallest Lion Dancers

To welcome the arrival of the spring season, Lantern festival is an important part of Lunar New Year celebration for Chinese and Taiwanese cultures; the festival usually takes place on the 15th day after New Year’s day. Lion Dance and the God of Fortune are…<Read More>


The Drumming Dance – Heritage Beats

The drum is a spiritual symbol for Chinese heritage and dance is the expression that demonstrates the strength of the culture; together, they uncover the mystique behind this glorious civilization. Through the sound of drums and gongs, and the sparkles and the smoke…<Read More>

5. adopt

Adopt A Monkey

Celebrate the Year of the Monkey like no other places in the world…adopt a LunarFest monkey and join the LunarFest monkey family!  Get invited to participate in special contest(s) or attend important monkey reunions in your area…most importantly, see what…  <Read More>

6 cookie

Craft DIY – Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies is probably one Chinese tradition that wasn’t started in China. First appeared in San Francisco as a desert after a Chinese meal, Fortune Cookies are popular for creating great conversations with friends and families as well as being the sources of… <Read More>


Chinese Fortune Telling

People who were born in a Year of the Monkey are intelligent, witty and have a magnetic personality. They are fast learners and crafty opportunists. Monkeys are masters of practical jokes and can be very naughty as well. If you were born in the Year of… <Read More>


Omikuji – Japanese Fortune Telling

The omikuji predicts the person’s chances of his or her hopes coming true, of finding a good match, or generally matters of health, fortune, life, etc. When the prediction is bad, it is custom to fold up the strip of paper and attach it to a pine tree or a wall of metal… <Read More>


Lunar Tea – Lei Cha

Lei Cha is a traditional tea for the Hakka people. It is a powder made from grinding tea leafs, sesames and peanuts along with many ingredients in a special pottery bowl and is made into a drink after adding cold or hot water. Known for being<Read More>

10 ginger

Lunar Tea – Ginger Tea

For thousands of years, ginger has been prized for its medicinal effects, and sipping ginger tea can provide relief from various afflictions. For the full effect, brew your own tea by simmering fresh ginger in water, or look for packaged teas that contain ginger… <Read More>

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