30 Dec

The Spring Festival – World’s Smallest Lion Dancers

spring festArtists:

Chin Fei Feng Marionette Theatre Troupe


Vancouver/ Toronto

To welcome the arrival of the spring season, Lantern festival is an important part of Lunar New Year celebration for Chinese and Taiwanese cultures; the festival usually takes place on the 15th day after New Year’s day. Lion Dance and the God of Fortune are often seen at the celebration and children also enjoy the occasion playing various games with friends and families.

To highlight the festive atmosphere, Chin Fei Feng takes the audience on a wonderful journey with a special string puppet performance. The show offers an unique visual spectacle with both puppeteers and puppets on stage together.   The six acts include: the Lantern Festival, Lion Dancing, the Ball Boy, the Swing, the Fortune God and the Reunion.

Bios: Chin Fei Feng introduces the characters of traditional Taiwanese marionette theatre. Accompanied by traditional music, the puppeteers animate characters such as lions, men on horseback, warriors and acrobats.

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