Master Kim Pottery Workshop

  • LunarFest Program - Master Kim Pottery Workshop

Master Kim Pottery Workshop


The locally renowned ceramic artist Clay Jun -Hon Kim has honed his craft for nearly four decades. Since relocating his pottery from Korea to Canada in 2001, Master Kim has focused his energy on introducing traditional Korean pottery to Canadians through celadon and puncheong wares.

These wares are all wheel-thrown and fired in high temperatures. Celadon pieces, famous for their clear and highly vitrified glazes of blue-green colour, are decorated with animals and plants such as cranes, deer, pine trees, etc traditionally beloved by the Korean people. The patterns on these wares are done by the technique of inlay, incision and stamping.

While he spends most of his time in his studio creating pottery, Master Kim also lectures and demonstrates across the country through festivals, galleries and schools. He is well respected in both the Korean community and the Canadian society at large for his committment to Korean pottery

Location:   QE Theatre Plaza

Time:          12pm – 6pm / Jan. 28th
Time:          12pm – 6pm / Jan. 29th



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