Evi Art World: Vancouver Rooster

Evi Art World: Vancouver Rooster


Evi Art World is a multidisciplinary art studio focused on the creation of artworks that express and embrace ethnic and cultural uniqueness. Every piece embraces, interprets, and questions the meaning and purpose of the creation with a broad curiosity and open-mindedness. The studio’s works are rooted on encounters with different cultures over the course of international travel, and anchored in core interpretations of cultural values and communicating the wish for harmony & peace.

In this scheduled guided workshop, the creative director of Evi’s Art World is here to demonstrate and share her signature “Abstract Calligraphy.” Combining participants’ works in a mixed media collage, the birth of the Vancouver Rooster will showcase the key character traits for the Year of the Rooster: Observant, Confident, Hardworking, Honest, and Courageous.

Location:   QE Theatre Plaza

Time:          12pm – 6pm / Jan. 27th



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