Saving the Moment

Dreams  are important for people. They are inspirations for the future. For most children, we grow up learning to save money with piggy banks; with every coin deposited to the piglet, there is always a goal in mind or a something to wish for. These wishes may include the birthday gifts from parents, dreams to start a business, a vacation with loved ones or a fund to get married. These are not just the moments to wish for greater future but also moments to savour with people who are most important to our lives. Saving these moments of love, courage, inspiration or friendship is similar to accumulating the invaluable fortunes of our lives; they will always be there to relieve the sufferings, challenges, bumps or bruises that we might encounter in our life’s journey.

Pig is a symbol for great fortune and the piggy bank is also a world-wide phenomenon. 2019 LunarFest wishes everyone treasures every moment of love and happiness. The LunarFest piggy bank is not just about saving money – it is to save all those moments that we live for.


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