The Galleria of Imperial Inspirations


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2019 LunarFest - Exhibition
The Galleria of Imperial Inspirations
2019 LunarFest - The Galleria of Imperial Inspirations
One Hundred Horses
Influences of Emperor Qianlong’s Italian Painter – Giuseppe Castiglione

What impact on Eastern art did an Italian missionary bring to the Qing Dynasty? How do modern coutures reflect the Giuseppe Castiglione’s 18th century classic painting? A special presentation by 2019 LunarFest, the National Palace Museum and Oakridge Centre will display a unique fashion exhibition with classic National Palace Museum collection-inspired coutures styled by Canadian and Taiwanese designers. This Lunar New Year, take a visit to Oakridge Centre and see how modern fashion designers use popular elements to re-interpret classic National Palace Museum collections; experience Giuseppe Castiglione’s fusion style between Eastern and Western culture, and see how it all connects to multiculturalism in Canada!


2019 LunarFest - Oakridge Fashion
2019 LunarFest - Oakridge Fashion

Inspiration : Castiglione – One Hundred Horses
Designer : Ai Ting Ko

The designer uses a track and ball to move the horse, giving a sense of dynamic movement while also bringing to life Castiglione’s paintings. Using recycled Taiwanese election banners as the fabric for the clothing, the designer creates a contrast between modern democracy, and the ancient powers of the Imperial Court.

2019 LunarFest - Oakridge Fashion
2019 LunarFest - Oakridge Fashion

Inspiration : Castiglione – Immortal Blossoms in an Everlasting Spring – Cockscomb Flower
Designer : Grandy Chu

The designer creates a dramatic visual effect with the skirt, by utilizing the texture and multiple layers of the petals to create a flourish. The dress also combines traditional Chinese Cheongsam , with the flamboyance of Western-style dresses, to create a fusion of Western and Eastern styles, just as Castiglione has done with painting.

2019 LunarFest - Oakridge Fashion
2019 LunarFest - Oakridge Fashion

Inspiration : Castiglione – Eight Horses
Designer : Guo Dong Liao

The designer has taken elements of the Eight Horses, and has represented them with different materials drawing upon the characteristics of the horses. The skirt uses the vibrant yellow of the Qing Dynasty to demonstrate the strength of the Imperial Cavalry and the might of the empire.

2019 LunarFest - Oakridge Fashion
2019 LunarFest - Oakridge Fashion

Inspiration : Castiglione – Eight Horses
Designer : Guo Dong Liao

The designer has deconstructed the Eight Horses and has imbued elements of traditional Eastern clothing and combined it into a Western-style evening gown. Utilizing the traditional white colour of Chinese paintings, the horses appear to peer out from the misty paintings, and into our modern times.

2019 LunarFest - Oakridge Fashion

Inspiration : Castiglione – Imperial Rites of Sericulture
Designer : Shao Chi Lin

The designer draws upon the Rites of Sericulture, by incorporating silk knots and the tiling of the palace roof. The top material simulates the texture of the silkworm’s cocoon, while the skirt weaves around to imitate the structure of the buildings and to create a three-dimensional layered effect.

2019 LunarFest - Oakridge Fashion

Inspiration : Castiglione – Activities Of The Twelve Months – December
Designer : Wei Chi Su

Taking cues from the perspective used in the painting, the designer uses the sloping lines and texture of the rooftops to create the collar, and create a three-dimensional effect with the layering of the clothing.

2019 LunarFest - Oakridge Fashion
2019 LunarFest - Oakridge Fashion

Inspiration : Castiglione – Activities of the Twelve Months – December
Designer : Wei Chi Su

The designer draws inspiration from the snow-covered mountains, by using white wool and grey fabric to mimic the winter view. The pleated skirt uses the orange color of the palace’s window frames to create a warm atmosphere.

2019 LunarFest - Oakridge Fashion
2019 LunarFest - Oakridge Fashion

Inspiration : Castiglione – Vase of Flowers
Designer : Ya Ping Kao

The designer uses a woven yarn dress to compare the woman’s figure to that of the peony flower, while also using the flowing shapes of the skirt to symbolize the desire of the court women for more freedom. The overcoat uses the colour scheme of the blue and white porcelain vase, and symbolizes the power of the Imperial Court.

One Hundred Horses is a large handscroll spanning eight metres wide, and one metre high.  It features the vast landscape of the Royal Ranch, and one hundred horses from Emperor Yongzheng’s stables that decorate the scenery. One Hundred Horses is Castiglione’s most well known painting, and demonstrates the immense talent he had for blending Eastern and Western techniques.

Silk farming or sericulture is the practice of using silkworms to produce and farm silk.  In the spring, the Empress would lead the princesses and their consorts in collecting mulberry leaves to feed the worms, and to pray for a bountiful harvest.

Emperor Qianlong commissioned ten painters to produce in this series of four handscrolls dedicated to Empress Xiaoxian.  Castiglione only painted the faces of the Empress and four other princesses and their consorts. Despite nine other artists working on the rest of the handscrolls, Castiglione’s name is the only name listed on this collaboration showing how much the Emperor adored him.

2019 LunarFest Header - Activities
2019 LunarFest - VR - The Imperial Era of China
2019 LunarFest - The Mighty Boar

Have you imagined walking into a scene of one of the most popular dramas about the Qing Imperial Palace so that you can experience the culture, the Lunar New Year’s traditions, and atmosphere of the Qing Dynasty? Do you want to learn more about the legendary imperial painter, Giuseppe Castiglione, and see how his greatness crystallized from his amazing work?

VR is a boundless and timeless special presentation by LunarFest; see classic collections at the National Palace Museum in Taiwan come alive in a visual reality! Put on those special headsets, start your journey off from Giuseppe Castiglione’s paintings into the Qing Imperial Palace, experience life in the Imperial Palace, and celebrate Lunar New Year with other citizens from the capital through other imperial painters’ works of art.

The cherished, trendy and magical boar, will be coming to Canada this Lunar New Year! All you need to do is drop a coin at the boars feet, and he will make a happy cry emitting a bright rainbow light!  This is the mascot that stores happy times, collecting everyone’s wishes and spreading happiness. Designed by Yao Yilun, a Taiwanese artist, to create a lifelike god of bliss. Meet the Year of the Golden Pig, experience the most amazing interactive devices, and kick off a happy New Year!

2019 LunarFest Header - Lunar crafts
2019 LunarFest - Pig Heroes
2019 LunarFest - Pig Heroes
2019 LunarFest - Trifold Spring deco
2019 LunarFest - String pig
2019 LunarFest - Paper flower
2019 LunarFest - fish coaster

The Lunar New Year is a time for friends and family to spend good times together. LunarFest tries to design unique and fun crafts that tie in with the theme of Lunar New Year. By participating in the DIY process, it will definitely be a shared moment of happiness for both adults and children! This year’s Lunar Crafts include the Pig Hero Lanterns, fish made from shell ginger leaves, pigs made from cotton thread, Chinese character good luck charms, origami flowers and more, come and try for yourself!

The Pig Hero Lanterns  represent the following twelve nations:  Canada, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, China, the Philippines, Japan, India, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Thailand and Mongolia.  

Each day will focus on a different set of Pig Heroes.

  • 2/9    China / Canada / Thailand / India
  • 2/10  Taiwan / Canada / Japan
  • 2/16  South Korea / Canada / Ukraine / the Philippines
  • 2/17  Vietnam/ Canada /Mongolia / the United Kingdom

Lunar Crafts Family Days:

Date:     Feb 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th
Time:    12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Venue:  Oakridge Centre West Galleria


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